Josh Urban is an unusual fellow.
But you’ve probably guessed that by
now. Living in the Washington, DC
area, Josh spends his days being a
musician, teacher, writer, and entertainer.
When he’s not playing his bluesy rock,
he’s teaching over thirty students per week,
or blogging his latest musicial and
philosophical insights. When he’s
not advancing his career, he enjoys
geeky stuff like astronomy,
bird watching, plants, and business.

He’s been playing guitar since he was
13, and absolutely loves music and
entertainment. Influenced by guitar
heroes such as Stevie Ray Vaughan,
Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Eddie Van
Halen, Josh also draws much inspiration
from the classical and jazz genres.
He thinks it’s a crying shame that more
people don’t wear colorful shoes, and
he likes green olives. And artichoke

Josh as just recorded his debut
EP Signalman, and is responsible
for every single sound on it.